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You can pick and choose what days you wanna work, what days you don't wanna work... Easy business model.

Rajiv Batta
Exit™ Franchise Owner - 2 Location

The whole concept is unique, there's nothing out there like this. As an owner I do have a lot of free time and it's still running pretty well...

Rupy Dhillon
Exit Franchise™ Owner - 3 Locations

Customer and Employee Reviews

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 I think it just it helps you bond. it helps people bond it's a fun experience you can you work together. It's rewarding 

Exit™ Employee

 my favorite part about working here would definitely be the people. I work  with an excellent team

Exit™ Store Manager

 Having like a puzzle in an interactive full experience is like crazy, it's next-level party 


 It was really cool, wouldn’t change a thing. Was hard, but that’s what makes it fun!

William P.

 Thank you guys. Our corporate team building event at E-Exit exceeded our expectations and we had a great time! We’ll be back to finish the challenge!

Mike S.

 Wonderful and helpful staff. Great personalities. Love all the detail and the experience. Good idea with the fail cards for the end. Great price for a fun night. Clean bathrooms too.

Jen M.

 Absolutely Fantastic!!! Will definitely come again… several times. Highly recommended to all and everyone - perfect team building event

Thea S.

 That was so much fun! I’ll definitely be back! Especially since we need to actually solve it!

Krista P.

 Amazing employees, had lots of fun! Second time today!

Angela C.

 WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE. We cannot wait to come back.

Chamkaur C.

 Awesome! Had a great time. Well organized, great staff, and well worth the price. I will be back very soon.

Samantha F.

 Awesome! E-EXIT always delivers!

Laena Q.

 Wow. So much fun! Didn’t complete it but will definitely be back! What a great idea. I felt like I was in a movie! Thanks.

Booker H.

 Was a lot of fun and waiting to come back and try again. Still thinking about the puzzles we didn’t get.

Jodi T.

 So exciting and challenging! It was so cool to experience and I would 100% recommend to other people. We really needed to think outside the box to escape!

Riley N.

 Had an amazing time! This is one of the single most fun things to do in Vancouver. Super challenging - super fun and a great group thing to do!!!!

Tara F.

 We all enjoyed our time at EXIT. Thank you again for the birthday song.

Karla A.

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